Gifts for d&d players

25 Best Gifts for Dungeons and Dragons Players

Dungeons and Dragons was first published back in 1974, and in 2019 is still going strong. If you are searching for the perfect gift for that adventurer or Dungeon Master in your life, then search no further. The following list encompasses gifts for all types of D&D players, from the casual player to the roleplaying extraordinaire. These gifts will surely leave your players feeling ready to explore the darkest of dungeons.

1. Aurora Dice Set

gifts for d&d players Aurora dice

This is a very unique gift, inexpensive but a great one to give to any D&D player. The unique transparency of this set captures the beautiful purple, blue, and teal shades of the Aurora Borealis. The set includes all seven of the polyhedral dice that a player needs to embark on their adventures. Also, as an added bonus, you can even order a handmade dice bag to carry them in as well! There are several other dice options available as well, but none capture the magnificence of the Northern Lights like these!


2. Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook Gift Set (Alternate Covers)

D&d themed gifts Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook Set

Every Dungeons and Dragons player needs to have three essential books to kick off their adventures: The Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual. This gift set includes all three of the core books that a player needs, along with a Dungeon Master screen as well! What makes this set stand out from the rest is the intricately designed covers of the books and the screen as well. Even the box that the set comes in is ornately designed! This set is perfect for long-time players who want to add to their collection of books, or for a new player who you want to introduce to the world of D&D! You will definitely not leave anyone disappointed when gifting them with this beautiful set of books!


3. Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

Gifts for D&D players Starter Set

This set includes a campaign for beginning players, pre-made character sheets, and a basic rulebook so that players can jump into the game quickly. The campaign included in the set, The Lost Mine of Phandelver, serves as a perfect starting adventure for first-time players or players who are jumping back into the world of Dungeons and Dragons after a long time.

This starter set can also be perfectly supplemented by the aforementioned rulebook gift set, for the players who want a little more freedom in creating their heroes. At such an affordable price, this gift truly is worthy of a dragon’s treasure hoard!


4. Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana (Special Edition Package)

Gifts for D&D players Art and Arcana

This Art and Arcana set provides a stunning look at the history of the Dungeons and Dragon series through amazing visuals, artwork, and some never-before-seen sketches as well! This boxed set is a perfect gift for D&D enthusiasts and players alike! The design of these special edition pieces is similar to that of the Core Rulebook gift set that was previously mentioned on this list too!


5. Dungeons and Dragons 5E Character Booklet Pack

Dungeons and dragons gift 5E Character Booklet Pack

For those of you who prefer to keep track of your D&D character on paper over keeping track electronically, then this is the gift for you! This all-inclusive pack of printable PDF files has everything you need for all types of characters, from the bloodthirsty barbarian to the powerful wizard! It even includes sheets to keep track of your companions as well! With complete coverage for your adventurer and a reasonably fair price, this is one gift you won’t want to pass up!


6. Potion of Healing Pint Glass

Gifts for d and d players Potion of Healing Pint Glass

Perfect for beer or any other beverage to quench your thirst during those long game sessions, this gift is perfect as either a gift for yourself or for all of your Dungeons and Dragons friends! The fact that this pint glass is made from lead-free glass and is dishwasher safe adds another bonus to this already awesome mug!


7. D&D Spellbook Cards: Magic Items

D&D gifts Spellbook Cards: Magic Items

A personal favorite of mine, this set of cards makes for an excellent gift for every Dungeon Master to use or even players as well! Each exquisitely made card contains a picture and description of each magic item found in the Dungeon Master’s guide. These cards are a great way for players to keep track of their hard-won loot! This is also just one set of cards in a series of D&D Spellbook cards that can be found as well so definitely do not stop with just these!


8. D&D Spellbook Cards: Monsters 0-5

Gifts for Dungeons & Dragons players Spellbook Cards: Monsters 0-5

This set of cards is another one of the sets found in the D&D Spellbook series of cards, so don’t hesitate to pick up this fine gift and boost Dungeons and Dragons player collection! A staple of every Dungeons and Dragons session is a good monster. From gelatinous cubes to ancient dragons, monsters serve as a central pillar of D&D. With these cards, players can see a picture and description of that angry owlbear or obnoxious goblin! They also provide dungeon masters with an easier way to keep of monster stats during an intense battle! These high quality, sturdy cards detail monsters that encompass challenge levels 0 through 5.


9. D&D Spellbook Cards: Monsters 6-16

Gifts for D&D players Spellbook Cards: Monsters 6-16

This set of cards piggybacks off of the aforementioned Monster cards, only this time around the stakes are raised! These cards provide details on monsters with a challenge level of 6 through 16! So if you and your D&D fan friends encounter a mysterious enemy and see your DM pull out one of these cards, be assured that you and your party are in for a fight! The craftsmanship and quality of these cards are also up to par as well, giving the recipient of this gift a set of durable cards that are of the highest quality!


10. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Gifts for D&D players Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

This expansion book for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adds a wealth of new material for players and dungeon masters alike! With several new subclasses, spells, feats, and ways to play the game, this book is the perfect supplement to yours or a friend’s set of D&D books!


11. Dunkin’ Dungeons and Dragons Travel Coffee Mug

Gifts for D&D players Dunkin’ D and D Travel Coffee Mug

Stylized after the massively popular Dunkin’ Donuts label, this travel coffee mug is the perfect for any dungeon master! This humorously labelled mug will, without a doubt, be perfect for the dungeon master in your group to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Show some appreciation for your party’s DM and pick up this great mug ASAP!


12. D20 Wooden Lamp

Gifts for D&D players D20 Wooden Lamp

The Baltic birch that makes up this wooden lamp, accompanied baby a dark walnut stain, makes this a perfect accent to any home or tabletop game session! The customizable LED light inside the lamp gives the recipient even more options, whether they are lighting up the room or setting the tone for a particular dungeon. You definitely don’t want to pass this one up!


13. Skull Castle Dice Tower

Gifts for D&D players Skull Castle Dice Tower

If you are looking for a highly detailed and well-crafted gift for one of your DnD players, you have come to the right place! One of the most frustrating things to happen to any Dungeons and Dragons character is for them to roll the dice and then they go clattering off the table and across the floor. Well thankfully, after owning this item, that will no longer be an issue! There are several different dice towers on the market, but this one by far is the most eye-catching! The run-down, abandoned castle look of this dice tower is adorned by a large skull on the front as well. This awesome gift will certainly find use as a helpful tool and conversation piece for any and all Dungeons and Dragons players!


14. 20 pk. D&D Miniatures (Assortment)

Gifts for D&D players 20 pk. D&D Miniatures (Assortment)

A great supplement to a game of Dungeons and Dragons is miniature figures. Players can use miniatures to represent their characters, and the various monsters and NPCs in the game can be represented by miniatures as well. That is where this pack comes in. Crafted from a high-quality PVC and painted with a gold paint, this package of 20 miniatures is sure to please! At such a reasonable price, you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal elsewhere!


15. D&D Custom Character Artwork

Gifts for D&D players D&D Custom Character Artwork

If you want to give as gift a finely illustrated, full-color picture of what your favorite d&d player mighty half-orc barbarian or dwarven fighter would look like, then definitely get player picture made here! You can get one, two, or three characters drawn up, with an additional charge to add in a background on each. This is a very unique and great gift to give someone whom you want to show how creative and cool gift giver you are. However, for the quality of these pictures, it would be difficult to find a better deal elsewhere!


16. “Tea-fling” Mug

Gifts for D&D players “Tea-fling” Mug

This is a perfect funny gift for any D&D player, but especially those who are fond of playing as the Tieflings! The design on this mug is sealed on in such a way that it will not come off even after being washed! Being dishwasher and microwave safe is also one of the nice things about this mug! What are you waiting for? Pick up this bestseller while it’s available!


17. Large Dungeons and Dragons Dice Bag (Galaxy Pattern)

Gifts for D&D players Large Dice Bag (Galaxy Pattern)

The shades of purple, pink, and blue on this bag give a beautiful galaxy image across the whole surface of the bag. This bag makes a perfect gift for players who have multiple sets of dice and/or cards and some miniatures to carry around as well. Even more intriguing about this bag is that it is handmade! It’s not often that you are able to find gifts with so much care and attention put into them, so definitely add this item to your cart!


18. Wooden DM Journal

Gifts for D&D players Wooden DM Journal

In many cases, dungeon masters end up buried in papers and notes after a long D&D session. If you are looking for a nice gift for your DM and a way to really make things easy on them, then you came to the right place! This journal is the epitome of customization. Custom woodburning, page quantities, and finishes/stains are the flagship features of this handmade journal. The prices are also nearly unbeatable, especially considering the deep levels of customization available! With this quality journal, your DM will be more than able to keep track of various stats and campaign notes all in one place!


19. Eat. Sleep. D&D. T-Shirt

Gifts for D&D players Eat. Sleep. D&D. T-Shirt

Whether it be for yourself or for your whole party, this shirt is a great way to represent and show love for Dungeons and Dragons! With a variety of size and color options available, you would not be making a mistake in buying and gifting this shirt!


20. Wooden Engraved Griffin Dice Box

Gifts for D&D players Wooden Engraved Griffin Dice Box

Dice boxes are always a nice alternative to dice bags, especially this handmade dice box. Felting for the box and custom engravings stand tall as two of the customization options for these boxes, while the exquisite griffin design and warning befitting of a hearty adventurer adorn the box as well. You surely will not want to miss out on this box, for it will surely make DnD players jealous to see someone get such a high-quality item!


21. DPS What Can I PWN For You? Tank Top

Gifts for D&D players DPS What Can I PWN For You? Tank Top

This tank top makes a parody of the UPS slogan in a perfect way much like the DD parody mug listed above. Customization is the name of the game with this tank tops there are a wide range of size and color options for both men and women! This is definitely a go-to gift for those high damage dealers in your party!


22. D&D Dice Patent (Vintage Paper Style)

Gifts for dungeons and dragons fans Dice Patent (Vintage Paper Style)

This quick and easy gift is great for any fan or player of Dungeons and Dragons! After downloading the codes once they are purchased, they can be emailed/sent to whomever you wish to gift them upon if not yourself! This vintage-style dice patent can be resized and/or printed so that it can be displayed for all to see!


23. Monster Hunter’s Pack Candle

Gifts for D&D players Monster Hunter’s Pack Candle

This Monster Hunter’s Pack candle is just one in a whole slew of scented, Dungeons and Dragons inspired candles! This 9 oz. soy candle will definitely set the mood for a session of monster hunting! Get this candle for the monster hunter in your party and check out some of the other candles on offer as well!


24. Dungeons and Dragons D20 Necklace

Gifts for D&D players D20 Necklace

The translucent, near gem-like craftsmanship of these D20 pendants is just one of the things that make this necklace such an amazing gift for geeky female Dungeons and Dragons fans! There are a handful of customization options for the cord type and for the color of the pendant as well! Get this gift for the adventurer in your life who makes you feel like you rolled a Nat 20 every time they walk in the room!


25. Crit-Hit Kool-Aid Man T-Shirt

Gifts for D&D players Crit-Hit Kool-Aid Man T-Shirt

Yet another parody item on the list, this “Crit-Hit” shirt is unisex also, with a handful of size and color options as well! Round out your collection of Dungeons and Dragons gifts with another fine shirt to add to your treasure hoard!