Gifts for (School) Bus Drivers

Best Gifts for Bus Drivers and School Bus Drivers

Three cheers for those who white knuckle the wheel through rain, sleet, snow and more. Through accidents, field trips, early mornings and late afternoons, sports trips and forays to the local museums. Yes, of course, I’m talking about bus drivers! Don’t forget to remind them this holiday season that you see and appreciate them with one of the many unique gifts on our list.

Below are collections of our favorite gifts for Bus Drivers and School Bus Drivers.

Grab some truly great ( school ) bus driver gift when you have a school bus driver on your gift list

Best Bus Driver Gift Ideas:

1. Memory Foam To Relieve Coccyx, Sciatica And Tailbone Pain

Bus Driver Gifts Memory Foam To Relieve Coccyx, Sciatica And Tailbone Pain

Sometimes after a four house flight my butt hurts so bad I want to kill myself. Full disclosure, I have no butt…but don’t you ever feel like seats weren’t made for sitting? This memory foam cushion would be the perfect gift for any bus driver. If they have to sit all day, at least you can spare them the pain in the ass.


2. Vintage Bus 1934 Wall Art

Bus Driver Gifts Vintage Bus 1934 Wall Art

This is a beautiful, foiled print of an early schematic for a bus. It’s a piece of history, yes, but it’s always pretty cool. (Not that those two things are mutually exclusive!) It shows a very vintage looking bus, and is dated in the year 1934. The gold foil makes it pop against the black typeface – this would look good in any room.


3. VW T1 Bus Universal Bag

Bus Driver Gifts  T1 Bus Universal Bag

We all have that friend who is obsessed with the classic VW wagon – part adventure, part hippy, part utilitarian…there’s a reason these things never lose their value. If your friend is still saving up for their dream van, perhaps you could nudge them along in the right direction with this adorable, toy sized version. On the outside, it’s a van, but on the inside…a bag for all their stuff! What’s not to love?


4. A Bus Driver’s Notebook: Featuring 100 puzzles

Bus Driver Gifts A Bus Driver's Notebook: Featuring 100 puzzles

While I by no means condone driving with any other simultaneous activity (except maybe singing really loud), this book of puzzles is the perfect companion for your favorite chauffeur. It features over 100 puzzles of all different types, and guarantees hours of fun as they sit and wait for you. Let’s just hope they keep this one under the seat and reserve it for down time.


5. Bus Driver Appreciation Gifts Tote Bag

Bus Driver Appreciation Gifts Tote Bag

Why not show your appreciation with this super cute tote bag? It says, “World’s Best Bus Driver” – and while it may be a lie, you have to admit, driving a bus can’t be the easiest job. Just imagine your stressful morning commune times 8 hours. Actually, don’t imagine that, I’m sorry for the image. This would be a great gift, you can even personalize it by stuffing it with magazines, your favorite book, or their favorite candy.


6. Funny Home Décor

Bus Driver Gifts Funny Home Décor

I had one of those cool bus drivers who would say things like “dude” and “right on” – he liked to decorate his bus with things he loved – babes, bands and funny signs. This particular sign would be right up his alley. It says “I’m the bus driver your mother warned you about.” It’s funny because we place our trust in them everyday, and because mom’s warn us about a lot of stuff, but not bus drivers….right?


7. LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen Camper Van

Bus Driver Gifts LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Ok, this one is so cool I’m considering buying it for myself. It’s a LEGO kit that depicts the classic Volkswagen Camper Van. It’s marked for experts only, which also piques my interest, as I consider myself something of an expert. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it – it features literally everything we love about the VW Vans, even the engine! It’s been a long time since I’ve put my toys away, but I’m feeling they might make a reappearance soon.


8. Being A Bus Driver Is Easy T-Shirt

Bus Driver Gifts Being A Bus Driver Is Easy T-Shirt

This one is for the goofball drivers that always make you smile, even if you’ve been waiting in the rain for 15 minutes because the schedule was off. It’s made of sturdy, thick material so you know it will last. It reads, “Being a Bus Driver is easy it’s like riding a bike except the bike is on fire you’re on fire everything is on fire.” Ha! that true? Now I’m worried.


9. Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bus Driver Gifts Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

At first I thought, what the heck are headphones doing on this bus driver gift ideas list?, then I realized, directions! They can drive and listen to Google Maps securely tell them where to go…it’s genius! Plus, these babies are made by Bose, the numero uno sound scientists. They also feature noise cancellation, which is an added plus if you’ve ever been on any bus, ever. Seriously, why do people have private conversations in a public space in the LOUDEST VOICE POSSIBLE?


10. Ornament

Bus Driver Gifts Ornament

I love Christmas ornaments because they tell a story. Where you’ve been, when you went, and the memories that one single piece can hold. This particular ornament would make a thoughtful gift for someone who has dedicated their life to get you where you need to go. And besides, this baby has got a lot of bling. It’s a crystal-studded, heart shaped item that is very reminiscent of those classic “I love mom” tattoos…and who doesn’t love those?


11. World Explorer European Cityscape London Decor

Bus Driver Gifts World Explorer European Cityscape London Decor

Perhaps the most classic of all buses…the London double-decker. Many works of art have been inspired by this revlon red moving landmark, so why not spruce up your bathroom with a new shower curtain depicting the very same? Set against a black and white London backdrop, this shower curtain plays with the dull grays of London and the bright red of it’s iconic mode of transportation, making for a beautiful motif for any bathroom space.


12. Metal Pocket Cup

Bus Driver Gifts Metal Pocket Cup

As a pure bred American, I don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge concerning British pewterware. However, I can say that this folding cup design, complete with an emblem of a bus, is pretty darn cool. You can fold it up and throw it in your bag – it makes for the perfect gift for a bus driver who spends the majority of their time on the go. Plus, plastic is the new Grinch of Christmas, so why not go eco-friendly with this neat, steampunk foldable cup.


13. Sport and Travel Bag

Bus Driver Gifts Sport and Travel Bag

This item is a lot like the other VW inspired bag that’s already on the list. The difference is the size. This one is much bigger – but aesthetically it’s just as cute. It would work well as a gym bag, as there are separate pouches for shoes or wet clothes. It will set you back a bit price wise, but it’s an officially sponsored product from Volkswagen, so you know they quality can be trusted.


14. The Bus Drivers Prayer & Other Stories

Bus Driver Gifts The Bus Drivers Prayer & Other Stories

This gift is pretty unique – it’s a throwback to the era of singer-songwriter music, when troubadours would tell stories through their songs. An excellent guitar player and funny lyricist, Dury’s songs tell funny (and sometimes sad) stories from the perspective of a bus driver. Don’t miss out on this one – there’s nothing a driver likes more than a good album to get them through the long day.


15. Mug

Bus Driver Gifts Mug

A dinner-style mug with a funny catchphrase is a quintessential item for pretty much any profession. It makes for a good gift because you know everyone could use another good mug, but it’s personalized enough that it feels well thought out. This particular item won’t break the bank, and will ensure that your driver continues to stop for you with a smile.


We ended up with the ideas for a bus driver, below you can see some of the ideal gifts for school bus drivers that you can give them for any occasion.

Best School Bus Driver Gifts:

1. Funny Doormat

Bus Driver Gifts Funny BE NICE TO THE BUS DRIVER Doormat

A funny doormat that can double as a dirt chaser in a bus – it reads, “be nice to your bus driver – it’s a long walk home from school.” This sort of tongue-in-cheek humor is what made my long rides home from school bearable. I had a driver who had such an intense level of dad-humor his jokes would make me simultaneously laugh and cringe.


2. Responsible Bus Driver Boots

School Bus Driver Gifts Responsible Bus Driver Boots

Does anyone remember the book series “The Magic School Bus”? In retrospect, the crazy fun teacher had mad style. One of her best looks? Her Doc Marten-esque combat boots. I’m pretty sure these boots here were inspired (at least partly) by that character. Relive your childhood fashion goals with a pair of these babies.


3. Sculpted Ceramic Coffee Mug

School Bus Driver Gifts I'm The School Bus Driver Sculpted Ceramic Coffee Mug

A mug in the shape of a school bus. If that wasn’t on-the-nose enough for you, it also says “I’m the bus driver!” Yes, with an exclamation mark. If you’re really strapped for ideas, this mug is cheap and kitschy-cute.


4. Awesome Bus Driver Appreciation Gift Keychain

Awesome School Bus Driver Appreciation Gift Keychain

This is a cute, simple gift that can be paired with something else small for a more complete presentation. It’s a small keychain that your bus driver can add to their collection. Honestly, it’s the thought that counts – show some appreciation with this keychain.


5. Folding Storage Ottoman Chest with Foam Cushion Seat

School Bus Driver Gifts Folding Storage Ottoman Chest with Foam Cushion Seat

Not sure how this one got on the list, as it’s for kids, but I guess a grown adult human might want a giant box that’s shaped like a school bus, too. Different strokes for different folks. It can be used for a variety of things – the company suggests it’s a toy box, but also a foot rest. Very interesting.


6. Bus Jewelry

School Bus Driver Gifts Bus Jewelry

I loved tacky earrings, and these take the cake. They are shaped like a school bus, and a small enough that they could complete any type of look. I can see them being worn ironically, too, for those young “too-cool-for-school” bus drivers…see what I did there? The best part? The picture the company provides has the word school misspelled, like s-c-h-c-o-l. That’s too funny!


7. Vintage Looking Yellow School Bus

School Bus Driver Gifts Vintage Looking Yellow School Bus

A vintage looking yellow school bus that would look great in a garden or as a talk piece for your foyer. It has that Goodwill look that’s so trendy right now, but it’s classic enough that it could be appreciated by the young and old alike. It’s made of metal, too, so it’s got some heft to it, and you know it’s not one of those junk pieces that will fall apart in a month.


8. Personalized Travel Mug

School Bus Driver Gifts Personalized Travel Mug

Yeah, mugs are fine – but what a bus driver really could use is a nice thermos to keep their coffee warm, and to make sure it won’t spill during one of those crazy turns. This particular thermos is in a nice classic steel, and has a simple print of, you guessed it, a school bus. If you want, you can even personalize it with the name of your driver!


9. Thanks for going the extra mile pot holder

School Bus Driver Gifts Thanks for going the extra mile pot holder

I don’t know what happens to all my pot holders…they get transported to a different dimension in between laundry services, somewhere along with my socks. Anyway, for that reason I think they always make for great gifts. This one has a cute catchphrase printed onto it that reads “Thanks for going the extra mile!”. It also features a decal of a bus. It’s cute and cheap, you can’t go wrong with this one.


10. Cute Yellow School Bus Insulated Lunch Bag

School Bus Driver Gifts Cute Yellow School Bus Insulated Lunch Bag

A cute little anthropomorphic lunch bag with a smiling school bus on it. Again, not sure how this gift ended up on a list for (presumably) adult bus drivers, but who knows? It is a cute accessory, and I guess you could keep whatever you want in it. Maybe it could be used as a first aid kit, or a place for snacks.


11. Decorative Model School Bus Glass Salt and Pepper

School Bus Driver Gifts Decorative Model School Bus Glass Salt and Pepper

I’ve always said that you can tell a lot about a person by their salt and pepper shakers. Ok, I’ve never said that, but I’m thinking it now! This adorable set looks almost hand-painted, lending it a craftsy charm that’s too adorable to ignore. It’s sturdy and not too big, not too small. It would make for a great folk art piece on the table.


12. Noble Gems Kurt Adler 4-Inch Glass School Bus Ornament

Noble Gems Kurt Adler 4-Inch Glass School Bus Ornament

Christmas always meant one thing for me, tiptoeing into the creepy attic to get the thousands of boxes out which contained my mother’s ornaments for the tree. Now as an adult, I can appreciate that each one meant something special to her, each one had its own unique memory attached to it. Continue the tradition with this ornament depicting a classic yellow school bus. You know it will be cherished for years to come – as long as the family cat doesn’t get to it first.


13. Personalized Bag

Personalized School Bus Bag

A cute, customizable cosmetics bag for your male or female bus driver. (Hey, I’m not judging, guys, I admit I sometimes use my girlfriends under-eye cream when I look like I haven’t slept in 27 nights) It comes in a couple of different colors, and you can even select your own font. That means that no two look alike, and the customizability of this gift makes it a unique choice.


14. Being A School Bus Driver Bag

School Bus Driver Gifts Being A School Bus Driver. - Natural Canvas Tote Bag

“Being a bus driver is not just a job, it’s an adventure” – Gandhi. Just kidding, Gandhi didn’t say that. Sometimes you just have to give in to the cute, and this bag is no exception. It’s a simple canvas tote with a nice little phrase and a drawing of a bus. You couldn’t get simpler, but why overthink this one? What’s important is that your bus driver will think your child has the capacity to think of someone other than themselves. Tis the season.


15. Bus Driver Diaries: Stories From the Driver’s Seat

School Bus Driver Gifts Bus Driver Diaries: Stories From the Driver's Seat

How many of us have had first time experiences on a school bus? First kisses, hand holding, fights, the list goes on and on. Think about how much a bus driver must witness, the stories they hand locked in their heads. Tory Anderson is just one such person, and he wrote a short book, made up of vignettes that tell those very same stories. A very interesting read, and a sure fire hit for your school bus driver.


16. You Cant Scare Me I Drive a Bus – Mouse Pad

School Bus Driver Gifts You Cant Scare Me I Drive a Bus - Mouse Pad

You can’t scare me, I’m a bus driver! Boy, ain’t that the truth. This is a mousepad (retro!) that will definitely make your best friend behind the wheel laugh out loud. If you want to enjoy your job, or anything really, you have to insert humor into your daily situations. Otherwise you’re bound to drive off the cliff. Ok, maybe a bad euphemism for this article, but you know what I mean.


17. Roberto Cellini Mens School Bus Necktie

School Bus Driver Gifts Roberto Cellini Mens School Bus Necktie

My elementary school principal always had funky ties like this one showing a school bus,a stop sign, and other related paraphernalia. It was literally the only thing that was likable about him. I can totally see him in this. The tie is the best way a straight man can show his creativity and appreciation for fashion – this would make a great gift.


18. Bus Hat

School Bus Driver Gifts Hat

I’m going to be honest here. If I was a parent, I would buy this adorbs crocheted hat, wrap it up, give it to my kid, and tell the bus driver that we made it ourselves. Yup, I’m that kind of person. But they would believe it this hat is so cute and homemade-looking that it would warm the heart of even the grinchiest of those bus drivers out there!


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