13 Best Gift Ideas for Bus Drivers and School Bus Drivers

If you are looking for an appreciation gift for your child’s school bus driver or a present for a close person who drives a bus, then look no further. We have gathered the best ideas for bus driver gifts for 2021 for all occasions and all budgets.

Dickson’s Number 1 Student Delivery Specialist 16-oz Stainless Steel Tumbler


If you are looking for a gift for your kid’s school bus driver or for a bus driver friend, this premium quality yet affordable travel mug is among the best gift ideas.

The 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler has an easy-to-wash plastic interior, which the driver can fill with cold and hot beverages.

It has a funny and appreciative message printed on the front alongside the cute yellow school bus and the title “#1 Driver and Student Deliver Specialist.”

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


With these high-quality noise-canceling wireless headphones, the bus driver in your life will be able to take or make his or her phone calls completely hands-free and safely. Plus, Bose’s headphones are designed to provide all-day over-ear comfort, which will help keep the driver comfortable and help him or her stay focused on the road instead of being distracted by the conversations and noise in the bus.

The high-quality headphones have Alexa voice control capabilities, so the bus driver can use them to safely perform internet searches, listen to audiobooks or news, and ask for GPS directions without taking their hands off of the steering wheel and their eyes off of the road.

Awesome Bus Driver Appreciation Gift Keychain, School Bus Driver Gift

If you are looking for an affordable but meaningful gift for a school bus driver, then this keychain is among the best choices you can find on the market.

The silver-toned metal keychain comes with a disc charm with a sweet and appreciative sign depicting a school bus and saying “Awesome Bus Driver.”

The driver in your life will love this gift, and it will no doubt bring a smile to his or her face every time they see it.

CafePress Being A School Bus Driver Natural Canvas Tote Bag

Do you have a special bus driver in your life and want to show them your appreciation and care? With this eco-friendly and cute tote bag, you can do just that.

Made of natural canvas, this reusable shopping bag is suitable for everyday use, carrying lunch, going to work or the gym, or any other need.

It comes in small and medium size and has long, sturdy handles making it easy to carry by drivers of all sizes and shapes.

Vintage Looking Yellow School Bus


This vintage-looking school bus is the ultimate gift idea for any dedicated school bus driver. It is a superb option as a token of appreciation, a retirement gift, or any other occasion.

It has wheels that roll and is made of metal with a distressed design to give it a vintage retro look.

It is a great accessory to give to a driver and will no doubt become the centerpiece of their workspace or home.

Decorative Model School Bus Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


Like the previous bus driver gift idea, this one is in the shape of an old yellow school bus, but besides being a cute display ornament, it is also a useful household item.

The bus-shaped salt and pepper shaker holder is a fun accessory to add to any table, especially if there is a bus driver at home.

It is made of cast resin, and is hand-painted, and features two glass and stainless steel shakers for keeping your salt and your pepper.

Bus Driver Diaries: Stories From the Driver’s Seat 


If your bus driver relative or friend loves reading and has a sense of humor, then this Bus Drivers Diaries book by Tory C. Anderson is an excellent gift idea.

The book tells the funny, touching, and unusual stories of a long-time school bus driver and is a very refreshing read for young and old readers alike.

Although we recommend it as a gift for a bus driver, it is a suitable gift for anyone who enjoys a good and heartwarming read.

A Bus Driver’s Notebook: Featuring 100 puzzles


Apart from driving and taking care of their passengers, bus drivers often spend time waiting at bus stops or for the scheduled bus ride times.

With this Bus Driver’s Notebook, the bus driver in your life will have an entertaining way to pass the time while waiting. At the same time, the puzzles included in it will help him or her exercise their brain while working.

The book includes puzzles of all types and blank pages where the driver can write to-do notes or simply spend time doodling when not driving.

School Bus Driver Appreciation Keychain Unisex Jewelry

Any school bus driver will be touched when receiving this token of appreciation. The simple yet very meaningful gift is a stainless steel keychain with a school bus charm and a “Thank you for always keeping us safe” tag charm.

It comes in a velvet bag ready to be presented and is among the best gifts to give any bus driver.

School Bus Travel Mug, Personalized Engraving Included


You will make your bus driver relative or friend very happy with this personalized insulated travel mug. It can hold 16 fluid ounces and can be used for storing both hot and cold beverages while driving or on the go.

The mug comes with a school bus engraved on the front and can be customized with the driver’s name underneath.

It is made of stainless steel and has a spill-proof cap to keep the driver happy and safe from spills.

Bod Support Memory Foam Seat Cushion with Orthopedic Design


Drivers, including bus drivers, are prone to developing painful conditions and health problems due to the sitting position and vibrations during their work.

This is why this memory foam seat cushion is another great idea for a bus driver’s gift.

The cushion is designed to relieve the tailbone pain from sitting, as well as sciatica, coccyx, and other problems related to prolonged sitting in an un-ergonomic position.

The cushion is made of thermoresponsive memory foam and will remain as responsive in hot and freezing weather conditions.

It is an ergonomically designed cushion that will help alleviate the soreness by improving the proper spinal alignment and posture and providing comfort to the buttocks.

It has a belt harness that will allow the driver to attach it to his or her bus seat or to use it on any chair of their choice.

Bus Driver Water Bottle – BPA-Free Reusable Bottle


This reusable water bottle is another perfect gift idea for a bus driver. It is an excellent end of school or thanks gift for a school bus driver too.

The 30-oz reusable bottle is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic, which is durable and safe. It comes with an easy to use chug cap and a nifty carry loop.

The bottle says, “Behind every ride, there is a really great bus driver,” and there are fun pictures of busses and school buses on it.

The bottle is available in a customizable version, where you can order it with the driver’s name on the bus.

The bottle is also offered in a smaller 24-ounce option.

With this reusable bottle, your bus driver can always stay hydrated and well without spending money and harming the environment with disposable water bottles.

Noble Gems Kurt Adler 4-Inch Glass School Bus Ornament

This cute yellow school bus Christmas ornament is a superb gift idea for any bus driver. It is inexpensive but very pretty and made of glass, and is part of the popular Kurt Adler Noble Gems collection.

The bus Christmas tree ornament will bring a special of being appreciated and accomplished to any bus driver when the holiday season comes.

Some drivers may even decide to keep the ornament out all year long or even to hang it in their bus as added decoration.